Employment and Labour Law

In prosperous as well as turbulent economic times, companies must be agile and flexible in their staffing to remain competitive. Properly selecting, managing and retaining their workforce can provide a core competitive advantage to employers, especially as the Canadian market faces a structural labour shortage.

Employers today must also implement complex policies to suit an ever more sophisticated workplace, while ensuring compliance with constantly evolving laws, often in the context of global and multijurisdictional operations.

In this context, the Employment and Labour group at Deloitte Legal Canada acts as a trusted advisor in empowering clients to achieve their business goals. We provide businesses with the advice they need to make informed decisions, support them to ensure compliance with a multitude of legal and regulatory requirements, and assist them in all aspects of risk management and conflict resolution, including alternative dispute resolution mechanisms as well as litigation when it is in the best interests of our clients.

Our group provides employers with business-oriented expert and practical advice on all facets of the employment relationship, in unionized and non-unionized settings, at both the provincial and federal level. 

Members of the Deloitte Legal Employment and Labour group have access to the Global Employer Services team at Deloitte LLP and may engage them to assist in delivering customized solutions on certain cross-jurisdictional matters. This collaborative approach provides clients with advice in a timely and efficient manner by targeting the appropriate resources and connecting with experienced professionals to provide results and exceed expectations.  

Our expertise spans across all areas of employment and labour law, including the following:

  • Administrative law
  • Advising employers on multi-jurisdictional issues
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Attendance management
  • Administrative and civil litigation
  • Collective bargaining
  • Compensation and benefit plans
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Employee screening and hiring
  • Employment contracts
  • Employment standards compliance and litigation
  • Executive employment agreements and executive compensation
  • French language in the workplace
  • Grievance arbitration
  • Human rights and accommodation
  • Judicial review proceedings
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Outsourcing
  • Pay equity
  • Pension and benefits
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Privacy and personal information protection
  • Purchase or sale of a business or assets of a business
  • Psychological and sexual harassment complaint management, investigation and litigation
  • Recruitment policies
  • Responding to union drives
  • Restrictive covenants (non-competition, non-solicitation, etc.):
    • Defending against injunctions
    • Drafting restrictive covenants agreements
    • Enforcement of restrictive covenants through injunctions and other forms of relief
  • Strike or lock-out preparation and business continuity planning
  • Terminations and redundancies
    • Designing creative termination packages
    • Mass terminations for business closures or restructuring
    • Pre-termination advice
    • Termination letters and releases
    • Wrongful and constructive dismissal litigation
  • Workers’ compensation (Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases)
  • Workplace audits
  • Workplace investigations

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